It's Live

I’ve given birth to a site.  The gestation period was longer than that of Llama (12 months), a Camel (14 months) or a Black Rhino (15-17 months).  But finally, today it’s live.

All photographers shoot.  Real photographers print.  Or post.  Or somehow share their work.  It’s a crime…or at a minimum a shame…if a great image never sees the light of day.  If it just gathers dust sitting inside a camera or a computer.  The genius of Vivian Maier was almost lost forever.  She didn’t share a single image her entire life.  Not one.  She died in obscurity.  And her treasure trove of images almost met the same fate.  Except John Maloof accidentally discovered her work and then published it for everyone to enjoy.  Her story is fascinating.

The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score,
and the print the performance.
— Ansel Adams

The sharing matters – it’s the culmination of the entire photographic process.  It’s what you present to the world.  The stuff you're willing to stick your name on.  It's the finish line for an image.  It’s the performance.

I admit it.  I was a bit stingy in the past.  I didn’t share a lot of my work.  I was doing more composing than performing.  In part, I suspect, because I think I was gestating.  I was building up to the day where I’d be ready to share a collection of images. That day is today.

I’m not Vivian Maier.  But I do have stories to tell.  And those stories will be told at and my Facebook page.

You’re invited to visit anytime.