Photography focused on
the nature of personality
and the personality of nature.

Every person and every place has it. Every object has it. Personality is intrinsic. Sure, some personalities are big and bold, loud and clear. But most are nuanced and subtle, layered and complex.

Personality only reveals itself fully in certain circumstances. Potentially in a quiet moment, or maybe a raucous one; in a certain kind of light, or at a given time of day. It shines brightly for only fleeting moments. So gaining a glimpse of its essence is often illusive.

Yet I am fascinated by the hunt ā€“ and find it irresistible to strive to photograph it. I had always considered my incessant people-watching to be nothing but a mildly bad habit. Now Iā€™m convinced it trained me to become a student of personality ā€“ and a better photographer.

Making photographs
makes life more vivid.

It colors what I explore and the experiences I acquire. It deepens the extent to which I discover people and places ā€“ both near and far. It inspires me to venture off the beaten path. To get beneath the surface. To see beyond the obvious. It opens doors to adventure and surprise. To finding beauty in unexpected places; and uncovering the extraordinary within the ordinary.

I share my photographs to encourage an appreciation of the texture of personality. And in the hope that they inspire exploration, adventure, and new experiences for others.

R.J. Lynch
Boston, MA