Make a movie in just two days? Who does such a thing?

800 filmmakers created fifty-eight films in just 48 hours. All 58 movies were required to have three common elements: 1) a specific character name; 2) a certain line of dialogue, and 3) a specific prop. Each team was randomly assigned a film genre (comedy, etc). These requirements were announced on a Friday night and then the writers stayed up all night crafting scripts. Film crews and casts shot all day Saturday. And editors worked Saturday night and Sunday so that films could be submitted by the Sunday night deadline.

I was fortunate to have had a behind-the-scenes view into the making of PROBATION – a silent film about an ex-con at a crossroads in life. There was no shortage of passion and dedication on this film crew. So it’s not surprising their film was nominated to the Finals of the 48 Hour Film Project